The Key To Success is Consistency.

consistency is key to success

Everyone wants to achieve success in their life. Every person in the world has some objective, to achieve that objective, we think, plan, and try to reach the goal. Many of us dream of a peaceful and successful life. We keep thinking that we have to do something in life. But we sometimes try to get that goal, and sometimes we become lazy. Ever wonder why this happens, Don’t know why we lose our focus? are there other distractions in our lives, is there any other priority? Are we really…

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The correct meaning of SELF LOVE.


The correct meaning of self-love is self-discipline, self-respect, self-acceptance, self-care, self-confidence, but most of us consider self-love as self freedom. We think we can do whatever we want, performing things according to our wishes, sadly this is not self-love. When we use our mind and heart together to achieve the goal of life, is called self-love. Self-love is very important in life because it is the foundation of everything in our life. We should try to forget our wrong habits, stubbornness, and move towards a right path life that will…

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Coronavirus - COVID-19

Coronavirus[COVID-19] is a type of common virus that infects humans, usually leading to upper respiratory infection (URI). As a matter of fact, seven different types of human coronavirus have been identified. Notably, most people will have at least one type of coronavirus infected in their lifetime. Viruses spread through the air by coughing and sneezing, close personal contact, touching an object or surface. Be well educated on how to avoid and slow down the transmission of Coronavirus[ COVID-19]. SYMPTOMS OF CORONAVIRUS[COVID-19]: COVID-19 influences different people in various ways. However, most…

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Passwords are critical to your safety. Take whatever it costs to manage them well!   Despite all their weaknesses, it’s as if passwords will stay for the foreseeable future. These are a few steps people can go for strengthening their passwords so it’s less likely hackers can burgle their accounts. Perhaps the foremost important step is to not re-use an identical password across different websites. It is convenient only having one password, but this implies that if someone guesses, or steals one in each of your passwords, they’ll then use…

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