Passwords are critical to your safety. Take whatever it costs to manage them well!


Despite all their weaknesses, it’s as if passwords will stay for the foreseeable future. These are a few steps people can go for strengthening their passwords so it’s less likely hackers can burgle their accounts.

  • Perhaps the foremost important step is to not re-use an identical password across different websites.
  • It is convenient only having one password, but this implies that if someone guesses, or steals one in each of your passwords, they’ll then use that to realize access to any of your other accounts.
  • Using a password manager can help create and remember all the various passwords.
  • Failing that, even writing passwords down is good in some cases (just don’t leave your notebook lying around).
  • The second step is to require advantage of two-factor authentication (2FA) wherever it’s available.
  • For many sites that provide this service, additionally to entering username and password, it’ll send a code via text message to your phone which is able to get to be entered.
  • Third, and at last, people should be wary of the scams which attempt to steal their passwords.
  • For example, receiving an email with a link from an outsized provider like Microsoft, Amazon, or Apple, and asking people to re-enter their username and password or risk having their account frozen.
  • People should never click on such links in emails and only navigate manually to any sites they want to go to if they have to log onto their accounts.

Check your password strength:

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