Explore the Difference between Love and Attachment in Life.

love is best

As day and night are different, love and attachment are also different feelings or emotions. A lot of people consider attachment as love. This confusion happens because of a misunderstanding of feelings or emotions. Let us first try to understand what is the real meaning of Love and Attachment respectively.


Love is the feeling of emotion from our heart for someone or something. Kind of stuff we all have heard before, but do you think it is the correct definition for love? this is not loving than what is Love? imagination changes now and then. When we truly accept ourself including our failures, flaws, and weaknesses, we can say we are in Self Love. Love is truly accepting others as they are from our heart plus mind without any expectations then it can be said we are in love. There should be no terms and conditions in love. The best example of unconditional love is the love of a mother towards her child.

Love Is Beautiful

Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negative thinking.


  • When we love someone we try not to hurt them.
  • We humans can love many relationships in life such as our parents, life partners, children, friends, pets it can be anything.
  • Without any greed, personal benefits, or motives we get an emotional everlasting feeling for others.
  • Love has no restrictions, it will set you free.
  • True Unconditional Love is everlasting.
  • Love makes us kind and it will result in patience for happiness in life.
  • Love teaches us the art of forgiveness.


Attachment is a strong emotional bond. To be spoken in the correct language, the attachment means that you want to make decisions for them or rule on our attachments, it may be human or thing. There is always a feeling of expectations in attachment and it becomes sufferings. We can get attached to anything in life, it may be a relationship, children, friends, career, success, or our mobile phone too.

Excessive Attachment to anything makes us an emotional and mental slave.


  • We try our best that the person or thing we are attached to will have to follow our desires, wishes, needs, or thinking.
  • Expectations automatically rise in the feeling of attachment, it leads to anger, conflict, pain, addiction, suffering, harmful for both.
  • Attachment leads our life to sorrow and unhappy life.
  • Dependency takes place and with dependency, we unknowingly try to start fulfilling our selfish motives.
  • Somehow we try to force our attached beings.
  • Where there is Attachment, Love can’t take place.
  • Attachment leads to a lack of happiness in life, moreover, it brings unnecessary worries and sadness. It plays a key role in destroying mind peace.

Let’s not get confused, we must try to understand Love is the purest, it is all about giving and not expecting. Whereas it’s completely opposite in the case of attachment, it is all about expecting. We must try to minimize expectations from others. Not to force our thinking on others, everyone has a different take to life, it will beneficial for us as fast as we accept this reality.

Every day is a new beginning, take a deep breath smile, and start again.

Try to understand other’s perspectives too and not to control their feeling according to our wish than it will be the way to achieve love and happiness. We have to become brave enough to understand our vision and purpose of living. Not letting ego and attachment to break our peaceful thinking. We are our best helper, nobody will love us as much as we love ourselves. It is a fact, every human love themselves the most.

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